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EPSON Ink 18 Black – T1801

Original product. 100% guarantee.
EPSON Ink 18 Black – T1801
Original cartridge designed for use in EPSON printers. This original EPSON Ink 18 Black – T1801 ink cartridge guarantees the proper functioning of your EPSON device.

Item without box.

Expired item.

Ref.: T1801

Brand: EPSON

Nº of Pages: 175 @ 5% coverage

Compatible printers: Epson Expression Home XP-320 Series, XP-420, XP-300 Series, XP-410 Series, XP-313, XP-400 Series, XP-325, XP-225, XP-322, XP-425, XP-422, XP-315, XP-33, XP-202, XP-412, XP-312, XP-215, XP-212, XP-30, XP-102, XP-205, XP-402, XP-405 WH, XP-405, XP-302, XP-415, XP-305, XP-420 Series, XP-210 Series, XP-200 Series, XP-413, XP-100 Series, XP-310 Series

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